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I have 20+years experience in journalism. My writings have appeared in PGA Tour Magazine, US News & World Report, National Review, Philanthropy Magazine, the Washington Post, and Read the Spirit Magazine, among many others. 

My new book is 30 Days with America's High School CoachesIt takes readers beyond the playing field to the schools, practice fields, and homes of high school coaches to examine how they successfully mold the characters and shape the spirits of the next generation of American leaders.

Listen in as I speak with the Play Like A Champion Today show about 30 Days with America's High School Coaches.


The podcast "Time Out for Better Coaching" is an outgrowth of my book. It shines a light on great coaching and those who have information coaches need and want to do their jobs better.

When not writing, you can usually find me on the football practice fields at Riverbend High School, where I coach Special Teams.  

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30 Days With America's High School Coaches

Release Date: October 2021

Listen in as I speak with the Play Like A Champion Today show about 30 Days with America's High School Coaches.

Certain titles in our society immediately command respect: Doctor, Judge, and Coach. Every day, in thousands of ways, high school coaches are working to shape the characters of the millions of young men and women they work with. Who are these people, and how do they do the work they do?

My new book explores the lives of 30 successful high school coaches across the nation in a dozen varsity sports. Through their stories, you'll discover the myriad ways they relate to players, build successful programs, strengthen community relationships, approach their craft, and grow as leaders. 

Whether you coach high school athletics, work with youth in your community through afterschool clubs or faith communities, or simply want to learn more about relating to and leading people, the lessons these coaches reveal apply to you. 

This book provides you the unique opportunity to learn from the people we all admire, but rarely get to know beyond what we see on the sidelines of the fields, gyms, and courts of our local high schools.

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Time Out for Better Coaching

There are so many amazing coaches and networks that support their work, a single book can't contain them all. So, I created the Time Out for Better Coaching podcast to give these people and organizations an opportunity to talk about what they do best - coach and support high-school athletes. Whether your interest is in motivating and teaching athletes, supporting their emotional and academic needs, or simply wanting to gain more insight into how to do your job better, this podcast will provide tips and insights sure to help you along. 

Know someone I should be interviewing? Want to be a guest yourself? Let me know! Just shoot me an email.

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Xs and Os and More

For the past few years I've been a special teams coach at Riverbend High School working with long-snappers, punters, place-kickers, and kick-off specialists. It's a topic I'm extremely passionate about - something that will be touched on in my forthcoming book. 

Learn more about what I do in practice and on game nights by listening in as I talk with Zach Davis, host of Mind of A Football Coach podcast, about the kicking game at the high school level. 

Also watch for a forthcoming short book on Coaching the High School Kicker.



Covering the World One Person at a Time

In 20 years of journalism I've written about topics as diverse as inner-city schools and what it's like to send a child off to basic training; the power of sports to change communities; and the beauty of exotic sports cars. 

After years on the staffs of prestigious organizations such as US News & World Report and National Journal, I'm now working as an independent editor and writer. I am a proud member and supporter of the International Association of Religion Journalists as well as the Washington Automotive Press Association.

My current writing projects are for the Christian Science Monitor and for Duke University's Faith and Leadership.

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