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30 Days With America's High School Coaches is now available for presale purchase.

Release Date: January 25, 2022

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"Martin Davis provides a never-before-seen insider's perspective of the power coaches can have on youth, schools and communities in America. This book is a must read not only for coaches, but for coach educators, school administrators, and community leaders as well."

-Travis Dorsch
Founding Director Utah State University Families in Sport Lab

"Although the book is explicitly about coaching high school sports, it delivers many a transferable insight for parents, teachers, pastors, and others who'd like to engage the teens in their lives more effectively. Who couldn't us more of that?"

-G. Jeffrey MacDonald

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Time Out for Better Coaching

There are so many amazing coaches and networks that support their work, a single book can't contain them all. So, I created the Time Out for Better Coaching podcast to give these people and organizations an opportunity to talk about what they do best - coach and support high-school athletes. Whether your interest is in motivating and teaching athletes, supporting their emotional and academic needs, or simply wanting to gain more insight into how to do your job better, this podcast will provide tips and insights sure to help you along. 

Know someone I should be interviewing? Want to be a guest yourself? Let me know! Just shoot me an email.

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Xs and Os and More

For the past few years I've been a special teams coach at Riverbend High School working with long-snappers, punters, place-kickers, and kick-off specialists. It's a topic I'm extremely passionate about - something that will be touched on in my forthcoming book. 

Learn more about what I do in practice and on game nights by listening in as I talk with Zach Davis, host of Mind of A Football Coach podcast, about the kicking game at the high school level. 

Also watch for a forthcoming short book on Coaching the High School Kicker.