• Martin Davis

Book Release Date Announced

Save the Date: September 14, 2021

30 Days with America's High School Coaches will release on September 14, 2021..

What are the traits of a great high school coach? Following a year of research, interviews, and writing, my book talking about the 5 traits that are common among great high school coaches will be available for sale. It spotlights 30 stories of great coaches from across the country in more than a dozen high school varsity sports.

Coaches, Players, Administrators, Parents, and Sports Fans will get an inside look at how great high school coaches excel. Whether you're looking to improve your own coaching, better understand the methods behind your coach's madness, know the traits to look for when hiring a coach, better understand what is happening with your children's high school coaches, or simply want to read some fascinating sports stories, 30 Days with America's High School Coaches has something for you.

The book will be available for sale on Amazon in both print and e-book formats. You will also be able to purchase copies through Front Edge Publishing, and autographed copies directly from the author.

I am also available to host discussions about great coaching, organize fundraising events for your high school by creating special editions of the book that focus on your school's coach, and lead book group discussions.

To learn more, reach out to Martin at, or call him directly at 540-498-5994.

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