• Martin Davis

National Girls and Women in Sports Day

This Thursday is National Girls and Women in Sports Day. To celebrate, I'm highlighting some information to celebrate, some to think about, and resources for high school coaches looking to more fully integrate women into high school sports.


- While boys still outnumber girls in high school sports, the gap has shrunk markedly since 1971

- The International Olympic Committee anticipates that in Tokyo 2021, almost half of all athletes participating will be female.

Think About

There's no doubt that things have gotten better for women in high school sports. However, there's still a lot to do.

- According to the Aspen Institute, girls with women coaches are more likely to give their coaches positive assessments. In other words, these girls tend to have a better coaching experience with women than with men.

- According to the Women's Sports Foundation, 58% of US girls (age 7-17) have female coaches, whereas 88% of boys have a male coaches


Getting young women involved in high school sports matter. If you aren't sure of the best way to go about working with young women athletes, or just want to get better, check out the following:

- How to Get and Keep Girls Playing - Produced by Nike and We All Coach

- Why Do Girls Drop Out of Sports at a Rate Six Times Higher than Boys? - Produced by Positive Coaching Alliance

- Tips to Get a Girl Active - Produced by Women's Sports Foundation

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