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What I'm Reading

Even in a nation where gun violence has become alarmingly common, this past two weeks has been especially difficult. An horrendous mass murder of school children in Texas, an angry patient gunning down his doctor and others unlucky enough to be in his way at the medical facility in Tulsa, Oklahoma, a shooting at a church parking lot in Ames, Iowa, and a shooting at a funeral in Wisconsin.

This new book by Mark Follman takes us in depth in the field of behavioral threat assessment. Watch for my review coming soon in The Free Lance-Star

The classic Spanish tale of a windmill chasing sage, Don Quixote is that book that everyone knows of but very few have ever read. This summer I'll be conquering this great novel. The underlying story of hope against all odds is what fuels my work at the Free Lance-Star. Watch here for deeper lessons I glean this summer.

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